(1988) So here we see the first public use of the “Nothing Is Cool” art as it was originally intended; as a top graphic on a skateboard deck, and upside-down of course! Notice the word “nothing” under “simple simon” on the main bottom art (board on the left in photo).


(1992) Ultimate flattery was bestowed upon Ron when one of the bands that influenced him back in the late 1980’s with their LP and singles record cover art and lyrics in the mid/late 1980s now released a song titled ‘Man On The Moon’ (from the 1992 ‘Automatic For The People’ LP) containing the repeated lyrical phrase “Nothing Is Cool” in the song’s main chorus.


(2008) A small editorial piece on the “Nothing Is Cool” graphic appears on page 17 of the special “Reconquest Of Cool” issue of Adbusters magazine (March/April 2008 #76 Volume 16 Number 2).